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The Play Test process is necessary to allow for the improvement of the game, the changes sometimes having unanticipated consequences and interactions leading to outcomes we cannot predict, which is the reason we Play Test in the first place.

We consider it the duty and responsibility of all players and staff engaged in role-play or combat where a rule or system is being Play Tested to point out problems, issues, and loopholes to their local chapter representatives and to International directly.

We request that each and every individual involved in the use of a Rule or System in Play Test help by participating in a fair manor, and providing well thought out feedback. All feedback is to be directed to

The goal of the Play Test process is to improve the gaming system, not allow a few poor sports to benefit themselves and make the game less enjoyable for others. We do not encourage players to abuse Play Tests or loopholes to their benefit or to the detriment of others. The abuse of a Play Test or loophole will be considered cheating and will be subject to disciplinary action at both the International and local level.

Every Chapter must decide whether or not to participate in Play Test Policy.

A.                If participating in the Play Test Policy and evaluating the Systems and Rules approved for use by the NERO ® Office, the Chapter must use the entire System or Play Test as it is written, though not every Play-test Rule or System that is available for use must be used. This will ensure that Rules are consistent for players that travel between multiple Chapters. The List of Playtests that a local chapter is using must be clearly stated upon each local chapters web site and a copy given to each attendee at each event.

C.             Any NERO® Chapter that chooses not to use the NERO Playtest System, is not affording the staff and players an opportunity to use and provide feedback on Rules and Systems that may be included in the next edition of the NERO® Rulebook. Any chapter that decides not to participate must use Only the Rules as listed in the NERO® Rule Book and the NERO Formal Magic System, they may not use ‘variants’ or unauthorized Play-tests. If a Chapter chooses not to use the Play test system at all, it Must be clearly stated upon the local chapters web site, and all traveling players with Play Test skills must be permitted to re-spend the build spent on them while attending an event.

D.                NERO® Members consider Rules used at a local Chapter that are not listed in the NERO® Rule Book©, the NERO® Formal Magic System©, or NERO® Play test Policy© to be invalid. Believing the Rule is from another LARP game or just spoken incorrectly, they will respond ‘blown incant’ or ‘no effect’ when presented with it.

E.                Any chapter that Alters the Play test system as published or uses Rules or Effects that are not listed in the current edition of the NERO ® Rule Book © will risk having their NERO ® License terminated.

The Seven Easy Steps for Play-test Submissions:

1)      Almost any idea can be entertained if it remotely fits within the NERO ® rules system.  Please submit all ideas in writing to  You will receive a written acknowledgement of your submission within 10 business days.  All submissions become the property of NERO®. 

2)      If the submission is extremely similar to an existing Proposal, it will be incorporated into that previous Proposal.  If the submission is extremely similar to an existing Play-test, it will be added to that Play-test as "suggestions for improvement".  In the second case go to step number five. If the submission is completely unusable, it gets scrapped, with a written notification from NERO ® to the creator.  Reasons will be given, if possible, but are by no means required in any way.

3)      NERO ® will evaluate the submission. It will be altered as NERO sees fit in order to create the Proposed Draft Version. The original creator may be consulted in an attempt to avoid the approved version being vastly different from what the original creator intended, although it is quit possible that this may occur.

4)      The Proposal's draft version is submitted to the NERO parent company, which will decide 1) if it goes against any ‘core’ rules of the game, and 2) if it fits within the marketing & promotional ideas of the business. If adopted for Play-test it is assigned a unique Play-test number.

5)     All chapters are notified that a new rule has been approved for Play-test, and every chapter has the opportunity and is encouraged to Play-test this new rule when it goes into effect. Note that Local Chapters cannot use any rule that isn't approved for Play-test by NERO® National.

6)      Comments are collected during the Play-test period. Players can comment individually by sending e-mail to, but they must identify themselves with out-of-game name, chapter of origin, where they've played under this play-tested rule, and what type of character they played while these observations were made.  The Rules Team, Project Leader, Administrator, or appropriate Council will develop a list of "suggestions for improvement" as the rule is being Play-tested.

7)      At the end of the Play-test period, the Play-test reverts back to its original Proposal. Skip back to step3.

With each new printing of the NERO® Rule Book©, the NERO® Rules Council decides which of the Play-tests to adopt, choosing only from ones marked "Indefinite".

Any comments or proposed changes to this play-test policy should be submitted to Joseph Valenti at

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